TeamScaping gives your organization the ability to continually increase efficiency and profitability by connecting its purpose to a team’s everyday work.

What is TeamScaping?

TeamScaping is a unique system that connects an organization’s vision and goals and a team’s everyday work by defining purpose, outlining goals and creating a plan to reach those goals.

Created by facilitator Margo Purcell after years of helping teams focus on working well together, TeamScaping is a completely customizable process designed to build thriving, energized and resilient teams and organizations.

The TeamScaping framework has helped groups:

  • understand and successfully navigate change in their organization;
  • review and debrief a large project;
  • reconnect after a major reorganization;
  • build a more cohesive team; and,
  • position themselves for growth.

How it works

With the guidance of a knowledgeable and educated facilitator, each of the four sessions focuses on:

  • Building capacity to operate effectively in times of uncertainty;
  • Increasing profitability;
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity;
  • Increasing accountability within teams and leaders;
  • Building and strengthening leadership across the team and at all levels of the organization;
  • Deepening engagement and commitment throughout the team and organization;
  • Enhancing organizational integrity;
  • Ensuring corporate values are being lived in the team and through their work.

At the end of the sessions teams have a concrete plan of action to guide the next six to twelve months.

Why it works

A framework unlike any other, TeamScaping:

  • makes abstract strategic planning concrete and relatable;
  • focuses teams on achieving business goals;
  • can help teams manage change;
  • is suitable for large and small teams;
  • provides a team with a concrete plan of action;
  • is completely customizable;
  • is supported by the proven Lumina Learning psychometric tools;
  • moves a team from what we do to how we want to work;
  • is an investment in a team, and a way to keep team members energized and motivated.